It’s the biggest fact that design is the mirror of your corporate business. And it’s the time of 2D designs and 3D Designs. We create graphic designs with a blend of 2D and 3D designs. Our teams of graphic designers and logo designers have a vast experience in serving the clients with the amazing animations.

We assure that our designs make your business outshine like a star. Soft Support is well known for its creativity and high quality designs. Our designers are not only into animation but have been giving best custom logo design and remarkable custom web page design.

2D & 3D Video Animation

2D Video Animation

Soft Support, professionally equipped animators backed by global standards of infrastructure offers unmatched quality professional 2D animation services in US. We also provides 2D animation advertisement to improve the reach of your product and services.

Being a 2D/3D animation design company, we target iOs / WP8 / Android all devices with a single re-usable codebase. Oversee access to codebase and manufacture circulation from the cloud for test/organizing/generation rollouts.

3D Video Animation

Our company having extensive experience in animation advertisements, furnish your entire 3D animation requirements starting right from abstraction and creation of story board to design of characters and commercial as well as traditional animation’s turn-key production.

Experts working with us assure apex class of drawing, animating, engineering and timely delivery. If you are looking for a 3D animation company in US. You can rely on us and it will be highly beneficial for your product.

Maya Designing & Animation
Create Captivating Animations and Visual Effects

Soft Support brings your ideas to life with Autodesk Maya Software. Our top-tier developers have extensive experience in motion graphics, 3D animation, modeling, rendering and shading.

Motion Graphics Services

Make an impact on your audience with the help of our Maya development experts. We have experience with motion graphic techniques for numerous styles and ensure a compelling launch of your next project. We produce immersive motion graphics, animation and video that will exceed your expectations.

3D Animation Services

Our Maya development services include custom immersive 3D animations that enhance your organizations brand. Our services include product views, real estate tours, e-learning, movies, cartoons, medical animations and modeling. We help you improve your animation process with our experienced and certified Maya developers.

3D Modeling Services

Using Autodesk Maya software our Maya development team helps you design and model your next project. We have extensive experience drafting, rendering and designing custom animation and 3D models using reference images or sketches.

3D Rendering and Shading

Bring your ideas to life with our Maya development services, we create highly realistic imagery and cartoons. Our developers use Arnold, Render set up, shading nodes, colour management, painting, toon shader, shader FX and more to help solve complex rendering problems quickly and efficiently.

Dynamics and Effects Services

Our Maya developers design dynamic fluid effects like explosions, flames, smoke, lava and non-dynamic effects like clouds, fog, space and other abstract effects. We also create fluid containers and emitters, particle collisions, dynamic relationships editors and more to ensure you get the visual effects that take your project to the next level.

Pipeline Integration

We use scripting and API's to develop custom scripts, plugins, designs and more using Maya Embedded Language (MEL) and Python scripting language. We provide complete Maya pipeline integration services to enhance engine workflows, 2D/3D designs and data/screen management.